E-book – How to Play at Open Mic Night: A Beginner’s No-Nonsense Guide to Live Performing, Playing Guitar, and Singing on Stage
Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hey, have you been wanting to get out of your living room and onto a stage with a real audience? An open mic just might be your thing. I put together this short booklet to make it easy, I mean super easy, for a beginning performer to prepare and get up that stage and play with confidence. Check it out. It’s on Amazon here.

The cost to download is $2.99 using the affiliate link above. The e-book is not available elsewhere (or via my site here).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These are the days in which I smile and think often of those who are performing and writing music RIGHT NOW! Oh the gigs, releases and parties I’v missed….My j.o.b. continues at an encompassing level, and it’s the right thing for my family during this time and during this economy. Life is good – it could be worse than to have a family to love and support! I’ve taken down my gig calendar and have ideas about stripping down older content from facebook, songramp, myspace, etc. My next public performance will be at the Lone Star Dance and Dinner Show, August 13, in Austin, TX at the Omni Hotel. Country covers and originals, solo acoustic.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things change, and my family is enjoying me being an “employee” again and the medical insurance it provides. But as luck would have it, things don’t change that much sometimes, and I’ve been fortunate to play more airport shows, to continue hosting the Jollyville City Limits open mic at BB Rovers once a month (though now earlier, 7pm, co-hosting with Polk Shelton, and on 2nd Sundays), to visit an NSAI workshop in Albuquerque, to have “Done With Bad Boys” cut again (exciting! co-written with Marc Kuchner), and to play at the Salado, TX open market this weekend (Sat, April 4, 1-4pm). On account of the new j.o.b., I requested another re-schedule at the Bluebird, and they were kind to me. New date is August 2. From here in the working zone, I salute the folks who are in the writing zone! Hoping to meet again…

Bluebird Cafe
Sunday, December 13, 2009

Omigosh, it was such fun playing at the Bluebird in Nashville and at the Austin Airport this past month! I won’t be making my regularly-scheduled appearance as host at the Jollyville City Limits open mic on December 27, but that show will go on anyway, and it will be a great night that you can tell ME about afterward. I will be appearing with a 3-troop Girl Scout Christmas-singalong concert Tuesday December 15. If you’d like to be my guest at their show, get in touch. Oh, more, Robert Parish is in the studio recording a rockin’ rendition of “Boyfriend Season” (Swinford/Fann) for his new album. I’m honored and delighted! And one last thing, a box of my demo albums arrived. What should I do next? Not sure.

Done with Bad Boys
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thrilled about second artist recording “Done with Bad Boys,” Missoula Slim’s possible recording of “Total Waste of Make-Up” (Gilliam/Fann), and looking forward to some writing time in Nashville in November. Still hoping to release CD of singer-songwriter demos by the end of the year.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love technology and short (SHORT!) messages that get straight to the point! “Follow” me at¬†Twitter to get quick show or open mic info.

Dallas Songwriters Association
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks to the Dallas Songwriters Association for the finalist awards for “Too Much Country,” “Salty Water,” and “Dreamin’ Bout Dancin’.” And to My 3 Kids for the single song contract on “Done with Bad Boys.” A big shout out to Marvin Dykhuis for helping get my Coffeehouse Country song demos organized and ready for an official pressing. Stay tuned …

Global Grafitti
Sunday, May 10, 2009

I’ll be out and about quite a bit in March before packing my performance gear up for the spring, and I’d welcome the sight of friends at my Wednesday IKEA or Saturday BB Rovers performances this month. Jim G and I were thrilled to sign “Too Much Country” to Global Grafitti last week.

Old No. 9 Workshop
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hear ye hear ye, the Old No. 9 workshop is returning at last! March 5-8 out near Comfort, TX. This place and its proprietors mean a lot to me, and although I won’t be there, you or someone you know might want to sign up for home cooking, rustic hill country setting, campfire singing, and songwriting for three days with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I was glad to hear “Girlfriends” recently won an honorable mention in the Song Door contest. “Girlfriends” was submitted to the contest by my co-writer Betty Holt. The song, produced by Marvin Dykhuis and me, also recently aired on the Nashville WLAC am Radio show “Saucy Sisters!”